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Retriever Training

Finished Labrador Retrievers with pass ribbons at UKC HRC(Hunting Retriever Club) Hunt Test

Our retriever training program starts early in the morning and runs till we get done for the day.  We train 4-6 times per week Monday-Saturday.  We do feed the dogs and clean kennels on Sunday and sometimes we run hunt tests on Sundays but most of the time we try to rest on the 7th day!
Training starts with basic obedience.  Sit, here, heel.  We use a check cord and we collar condition.  During the obedience training we give a fair amount of retrieving to keep the dog upbeat; afterall, we want to see the dog doing what it is supposed to do. 
During the obedience training we will practice holding the dummy in the mouth from time to time.  After obedience training is over, holding the dummy will become the primary focus and heeling with the dummy in mouth.  Later, we put the dog on the force-fetch table and we do more holding.  After another week or so we start to force-fetch the dog.
End result--A retriever that will fetch on command and hold bird or dummy until told to release!

There is much more I can tell you about retriever training, like how to get the dog to run blind retrieves.
If you would like more information or would like to have your dog trained for $575/month contact us.